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Welcome to Fruity Llama, Where Your Growth is Our Mission

We're not another agency treating clients as just another number - we're your partners in growth. Our approach is deeply personal, our clients' results are consistently impressive and our portfolio is multi award-winning.

As your all-in-one digital marketing partner, we promise more than just results - we deliver transformation.

~ Why choose us?

Meet Your Reliable Growth Partners

We commit to delivering significant return on investment by truly understanding your business, tailoring digital marketing strategies to your unique needs and guiding you through every step of your growth journey.

Our strength lies in our team of exceptional individuals, each a Lancashire based specialist. From creative minds to analytical wizards, our diverse talents come together to create marketing magic. With a combined experience of over 30 years, we bring fresh perspectives and expertise to the table.

Co-Founder / Creative Director

Steve isn't just the creative director - he's a partner in your journey towards digital excellence. With a personal stake in each project, his leadership ensures that our creative solutions are not only innovative but also meticulously aligned with your business goals. His dedication is reflected in every pixel and strategy, driving results that transcend expectations.

Co-Founder / Business Development

As your strategic partner, Stephanie doesn’t just oversee our operations; she spearheads your growth initiatives. Her comprehensive approach ensures that Fruity Llama aligns seamlessly with your business, driving development and delivering results through meticulously managed projects and forward-thinking strategies.

Digital Marketing Executive

Nick is dedicated to transforming our clients' ambitions into digital successes. His approach is all about fostering meaningful interactions and collaborative success, ensuring that our clients don't just meet their goals—they exceed them. Nick's commitment to excellence and his innovative strategies are pivotal in helping our partners achieve remarkable growth.

~ Our Story

Fruity Llama Timeline of Highlights So Far!

At Fruity Llama, our journey since launching in March 2022 has been marked by rapid growth, significant achievements, and industry recognition. What follows is a timeline that encapsulates our key milestones and highlights, reflecting our dedication to excellence and innovation in the digital marketing realm.

Each event is a testament to our team's hard work and our commitment to not only meet but exceed the expectations of our clients while pushing the boundaries of sustainability in business practices. Join us as we look back at the moments that have defined our path and continue to inspire our future endeavours.

Mar 2022

Foundation of Fruity Llama

Fruity Llama officially launched, setting the stage for innovative digital marketing solutions centred around a sustainable business model.

Oct 2022

Award for Best New Business

Fruity Llama was honoured with the ‘Best New Business of the Year’ at the Hive Awards, recognising our impactful entry into the market.

Nov 2022

Top 3 Best Local Company Award

Awarded as one of the Top 3 ‘Best Web Designers in Blackburn’, Fruity Llama established itself as a leader in web design excellence within its first year.

Mar 2023

Stephanie joins Full Time

Co-founder Stephanie commenced her full-time role at Fruity Llama, enhancing our strategic direction and business development efforts.

Nov 2023

Repeat Recognition!

For the second consecutive year, Fruity Llama proudly retained its status among the Top 3 ‘Best Web Designers in Blackburn’, affirming our consistent quality and innovation.

Feb 2024

Team Expansion

Nick joined as a Digital Marketing Executive, bringing fresh expertise and bolstering our capabilities in data-driven digital marketing strategies.

March 2024

Finalists at the Red Rose Awards

Fruity Llama was celebrated as a finalist at the prestigious Red Rose Awards, competing with some of the largest and most respected businesses in Lancashire.

~ Making a Difference

Community Engagement and Charity Support

At Fruity Llama, our commitment to the community extends far beyond business. We actively contribute to the enrichment of our local areas through meaningful collaborations and charity support.

By integrating our digital expertise with our community goals, we not only foster business growth but also help build a stronger, more supportive local environment.

We are proud partners of the Blackburn with Darwen Youthzone, an initiative close to our hearts.

Demonstrating our commitment, we donated a bespoke website for the Blackburn Beer Festival, an annual event orchestrated to support the Youthzone. This festival not only celebrates local culture but also supports youth programs that make a substantial difference in our community.

Additionally, we enhance the visibility of this vital cause through continuous campaigns on our digital advertising boards, ensuring their message reaches a wide audience.

Our support extends to the healthcare sector through our sponsorship of 'The Big NHS Tee-Off,' a charity event aiding ELHT&Me.

This charity is integral to the East Lancashire Hospitals NHS Trust, which includes Royal Blackburn and Burnley General Teaching Hospitals, among others.

By contributing to this cause, we help improve the facilities and services available to thousands of patients treated annually across the trust.

In our mission to enrich community life and support local culture, Fruity Llama proudly sponsored a digital advertising campaign for the Blackburn Empire Theatre.

This historic venue, a cornerstone of local arts and culture, hosted the much-loved production of 'Beauty and the Beast.' Understanding the importance of community engagement in the arts, we leveraged our digital billboard to broadcast this enchanting event, drawing unparalleled attention to the theatre's offerings.

The campaign not only highlighted the show but also played a pivotal role in making 'Beauty and the Beast' one of the Empire Theatre's best-selling shows ever.

~ Sustainability

Our Net Zero Business Model

At Fruity Llama, sustainability is at the core of everything we do. Our Net Zero business model is a testament to our unwavering commitment to reducing our environmental impact while delivering exceptional digital marketing services.

This commitment isn't just about meeting standards—it's about setting them, as we pave the way towards a more sustainable future in the digital marketing industry.

Remote Operations

Embracing a fully remote operational model allows us to eliminate the need for a physical office, drastically cutting overhead costs and significantly reducing emissions related to daily commutes and office maintenance.

Our team, working from various locations, demonstrates that high efficiency and team cohesion can thrive in a remote setting, exemplifying our pledge to maintain a minimal carbon footprint.

Electric Vehicles

As part of our commitment to a sustainable future, Fruity Llama has invested in electric vehicles for any necessary business travel. These vehicles, which produce zero emissions, are crucial in our effort to combat air pollution and contribute positively to global efforts against climate change.


Fruity Llama proudly operates without paper, utilising digital solutions for all our documentation needs. This approach not only conserves trees but also diminishes the waste and pollution associated with traditional paper use and disposal. By going paperless, we enhance our operational efficiency and further reduce our ecological impact.

~ Digital Marketing Services

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