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7 Mind Blowing Benefits of Webflow Hosting in 2022

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What Is Webflow Hosting?

Every website needs to 'live' somewhere online. That space is called website hosting and combined with a domain name, it acts as the address of your site.

Don't forget about the tools needed to build content and help search engine optimisation (SEO). Adding these factors plus the skill to create custom code means that most companies leave everything to the design team.

Webflow hosting provides a better alternative.

The framework brings together all of these features under one roof. The end result is a quality website that is easy to update.

Yet, what other benefits does this website hosting platform bring?

Benefits of Webflow Hosting

The best website hosting providers focus on four key areas:

  • Speed - delivering content as quickly as possible
  • Security - ongoing updates and proactive threat defence
  • Simplicity - offer simple editing solutions
  • Stability - low downtime levels

To help highlight these areas in more detail, read the 7 benefits of Webflow hosting below.

We share how Weflow's worldwide CDN network provides lightning-quick content that improves SEO. You'll learn how to choose a hosting platform that will scale securely along with your business. And even how Webflow compares to the WordPress content management system.

1. Automatic Scaling

A website with only a few pages can and will grow over time. For example, adding an e-commerce element will increase the number of pages, content usage, and resources.

Some web hosts are unable to cope with a sudden jump in scale or will charge a fortune for the pleasure. By choosing Webflow, you don't need to worry about growth.

Webflow hosts over 10 billion page views every month. Its vast network scans the globe, with data centres in Europe, America, Asia, and Africa. It's designed to cope with sudden spikes in traffic and ensures that content gets served, fast.

2. Inbuilt Security

Many web hosts charge extra to add an SSL certificate to your site. This makes your address look like which is standard practice online.

Webflow hosting comes with SSL included. This ties with your domain name so there's no having to piggyback onto a subdomain either.

As Webflow's backend systems work in tandem any security patches get added as soon as they become available. This keeps everyone safe immediately. Unlike WordPress, you won't need to manually update plugins, etc.

Third-party security reviews take place on a continual basis too. This makes Webflow one of the safest hosting platforms on the web.

3. SEO Management

Search engine optimisation is the practice of making each page on your site appeal to Google.

Ranking on the first page of Google Search is a priority as 53% of all Internet traffic comes from organic listings. Less than 1% of customers click onto page two so reaching that #1 spot is the goal.

Thankfully, SEO lies at the heart of the Webflow content editor.

You can preview how your pages will look on Google Search before setting them live. Webflow's tools allow you to edit all of your content including SEO details like image alt and title tags. Even special tags like structured markup are available with a few simple clicks.

Fruity Llama also loves Webflow's CDN network that helps search engine optimisation.

A CDN (Content Delivery Network) caches or saves copies of files. Instead of the user requesting the same images a local CDN manages the process.

Using Webflow's CDN can speed up your customers' browsing experience and even benefit your site's SEO.

4. E-commerce Capabilities

Need to add a shopping cart to your site? Or offer e-business facilities?

Webflow's fully customisable e-commerce module gives you full control over how your online store looks and works.

Designers can easily change the branding, including colour schemes and logo placement. Even the search results layout can be edited, something which can't happen on some other platforms.

The system enables you to sell physical or digital products. Delivery options, payment gateways, order management — all come within the package.

5. Webflow Pricing

Webflow offers several pricing tiers to suit your needs. Plans include:

  • Basic
  • CMS
  • Business
  • Enterprise

There are three e-commerce plans available too. Pick the one that suits you and let Fruity Llama create your design. We also offer branding and logo creation.

6. Webflow vs WordPress CMS

WordPress is a favoured CMS but Webflow is starting to rival its popularity.

Why? Clients don't want the hassle of having to update the backend system themselves or pay a developer to do so. They want to be able to add content, rank high on Google, and connect with customers.

Although WordPress has many plugins that add functionality, they often come with a cost. Webflow dispenses with that ambiguity so you can plan your budget well in advance.

For more info, we have a whole blog post on this top you can see here.

7. Backups and Versioning

The key to a successful site is to ensure things carry on as normal if something negative happens.

A worst-case scenario is if your entire site gets deleted. That could be by accident or happen as a result of a malicious attack.

Webflow offers automatic backups as part of its hosting.

You can select a previous archive and revert to it if required. That means your site won't go offline and you can provide your customers with high-level service.

Lancashire Web Design Services With Webflow

The benefits of Webflow hosting are clear.

An easy-to-use platform that is secure and will scale with your online presence. A viable alternative to WordPress without the hosting hassle. Even Webflow pricing is competitive.

That's why Fruity Llama builds our clients' websites using the Webflow website hosting platform.

Our team of experts will use Webflow's interactive tools to create the perfect website for your business. Content will be optimised for SEO and you can remain confident that your new site will remain online.

Contact us today to learn how our design team based in Lancashire can build your online presence.