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Fruity Llama Celebrates Launch of Brand New Website for the UK's #1 Expert Commercial Building Contractors

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June 1, 2024

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Discover how Fruity Llama's digital marketing services have elevated Sencat, the UK’s #1 expert commercial building contractors, to new digital heights with a custom-designed website that perfectly embodies their brand and operational excellence.

New Website Design and Social Media Success for Sencat!
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See how Fruity Llama's expertise in digital marketing has propelled Sencat, the UK’s #1 expert commercial building contractors, to new digital heights with a custom-designed website that perfectly embodies their brand and operational excellence.

Who is Sencat?

Sencat are an expert commercial building contractors based in Walton Summit Centre, Lancashire.  They are known for seamlessly integrating all trades to deliver projects with precision, on time and on budget.

There services include:

  • Facilities Management
  • Construction & Renovation
  • Electrical Services
  • Building Services & Repair
  • Heating & Air Conditioning

With Sencat’s continuous business growth they decided it was time to upgrade their online presence with an updated website design and social presence that truly represents their company.

Knowing the importance of a website that accurately portrays the company's true value, growth and ethos was the key factors when choosing the right digital marketing partner who would work with them closely to design and develop a website that captured their brand, improved on their current SEO and was user-friendly for all website visitors, Sencat.

Sencat chose Fruity Llama as the team who would create and develop their website and grow their social media presence. 

How did Fruity Llama help?

Fruity Llama have a wealth of experience when it comes to bringing businesses to life digitally through website design and were eager to get stuck into the project.  After meetings with Sencat, the brief was agreed and it was all hands on deck.

With their in-depth knowledge of what Sencat wanted to create, that would truly represent their company and brand the team at Fruity Llama crafted a bespoke website. Fruity Llama understood the huge value real authentic photography has on brand perception.  So, the team got together to capture real photos that give the website a clean and fresh look in a way stock photos cannot. 

The Fruity Llama creative team worked together to design and develop a fully-functioning and clean website, making it easy to navigate for all users that really represents Sencat as the powerhouse that it is today

The team created a robust social media campaign that started in October 2023 and worked closely with the in-house team, to bring the business to life on all social media platforms, which now reaches an incredible 50,000 impressions each month! 

Alongside their brand new website and social campaign, the team support Sencat with design and printing work, keeping the brand consistent and high quality to match Sencats unrivalled quality and service.

Above and Beyond…

Fruity Llama’s recent work with Sencat is another great example of the team's commitment to their customers with their customer-centric approach.  With on-site visits and in-person meetings, the Fruity Llama team becomes an extension of the companies they work with.

The Fruity Llama team had an incredible time working on this project alongside Sencat, creating a final product the team is incredibly proud of.

You can check out Sencat’s website at